It’s Never Too Late To Run Your First Race

One mom recounts her first ever 5K—and shares how her daughter was by her side.


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Eve Mosca
Age: 49
Bethesda, MD

Watching my daughter, Ashley, run while balancing her academic life and two children of her own, I was inspired to start running too. Not knowing if I would be able to finish the distance, I lined up at my first 5K full of nervous anticipation.

After a quick hug and encouraging words from Ashley, the race began and we were off! We stayed together for the first mile as my nerves melted away. When I felt confident I would make it to the finish, I told Ashley to go ahead.

As I watched her pick up speed, my excitement grew. I couldn’t wait to see her at the finish line. Being out there on the course with my daughter made my heart fill with mommy pride. It was evident that I raised a strong woman who, in turn, had become my inspiration.

I crossed the line listening to her cheer and immediately asked when we could do it all again. Running deepened my connection with my daughter in way that I didn’t know was possible. We have our own unique language through racing, and I love being able to share that bond with her. I can’t wait to tackle our next challenge!

I love the discipline running has given me. Even when I don’t feel up to it, if I make time to run, I’ll enjoy the accomplishment. Just get up and go!