Elite Runners Who Love Running on the Treadmill!

These fast girls run on treadmills!

These fast girls run on treadmills!

CHRISTINE CLARK famously trained almost exclusively on a treadmill in her basement to prepare for the 2000 Olympic Marathon Trials, which she won in a time of 2:38.

MAGDALENA LEWY BOULET started running indoors after the birth of her son. The Olympian now trains on a treadmill one or two days a week and takes advantage of the incline settings to do hill work.

TERA MOODY relies on the ‘mill as a safe place to train in the wee hours of the morning. The 2:30 marathon runner, known to read and run simultaneously, has joked, “I do get a lot of weird looks if I’m running a sub-6 minute pace while reading a magazine.”