10 Incredible Olympic Facts All Fans Should Know

Check out these facts to fan your Olympic flame!

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Olympic Facts For All Fans


The year women were allowed to compete in all events (boxing was the final holdout)


The total number of medals Team Red, White and Blue has won, helping us come in number one with the most medals! The Soviet Union is second with 1,010 and Great Britain is third with 811.


The year women were first allowed to participate in running events.


The last time tug-of-war was played in the Olympics.


The most medals won by an Olympic female runner—Merlene Ottey-Page of Jamaica—who has 3 silver and 6 bronze.

44 percent:

The percentage of female competitors at the London 2012 Games.


The total of summer games that have been held; 19 countries have hosted.


They year that Track & Field (known at that time as “athletics”) made its Olympic debut.


The total number of female participants since the 1896 games in Greece. There have been 83,855 male participants.

Rio stats…

207 countries
306 events
42 sports
306 medals
1st time in South America

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