Huda Fahmy’s Comic Strip Celebrates Muslim American Runners

Huda Fahmy shares a selection from her comic strip Yes, I'm Hot In This, which was initially created in tribute to Rahaf Khatib.

Huda Fahmy Shares Yes, I’m Hot In This

Huda Fahmy crafted this comic as a tribute to her friend Rahaf Khatib, who readers may remember from Women’s Running magazine’s October 2016 cover. “I am so proud of Rahaf Khatib for the amazing work she’s done to raise awareness for refugees and simultaneously break stereotypes surrounding Muslims. She inspires me to push past my comfort zone,” Fahmy says. The illustrator, an innovator in her own right, is the creator of the hilarious Instagram Yes I’m Hot in This, where she primarily shares her experience as a Muslim-American. While Fahmy prefers to run a few miles on her home treadmill, her favorite marathons are accompanied by an “Are you still watching?” prompt. Fahmy explains she wanted this particular cartoon to say, “Hey! Look! We run and we binge TV. We’re different, but that’s okay.” For more funny and creative designs follow Fahmy on Instagram at @yesimhotinthis, and follow @runlikeahijabi too.


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