How We Envision Heaven For Runners

These running dreams would be complete utopia.


*Courtesy of RunHaven

1. Injuries won’t exist. Buh-bye, IT band syndrome! Peace out, plantar fasciitis! Sayonara, shin splints!

2. Your GPS will sync immediately and track each distance accurately.

3. Your running partner will be ready to run at the exact moment you are. No waiting for the other person to show up after the snooze button won.

4. Bananas will be at your ideal ripeness — whether you’re the type who prefers bright green or perhaps yellow speckled with brown.

5. Every runner will nod or wave. Or both.

6. Your closet will contain an endless supply of the most awesome running gear.

7. You’ll never have to spend another second waiting in line at a porta-potty.

8. The revolting smells of car exhaust, garbage and roadkill won’t attack your nostrils and interfere with your breathing.

9. Shoe companies will never discontinue your favorite pair of running shoes.

10. You’ll grow wings whenever you get tired.

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