How To Talk Yourself Into A Run When You Really Don’t Want To Go

Get off your butt and head out the door!


Published with permission from RatherBeRunnin”s blog.

My legs were a little sore after my lovely hill repeat workout on Wednesday. And I was super unmotivated. I talked myself out of both runs–for a total of 3 days of no running. Whoops. I decided to (once again) learn from the situation and make a list of ways to motivate myself to run (even when I don’t want to), and share it with you of course. You are welcome!

1. Put your running clothes on. This is the first step in getting yourself out the door. For me, the essence of running starts to seep into my pores through the workout clothes and I will eventually get it together. If not, at least you look like a runner instead of a lazy couch potato!

2. Look at your running schedule. How will missing this run affect your training? Will it significantly impact your weekly mileage? When is your next race? How many runs have you missed in the past? These are all perfect questions to ask yourself guilt trip yourself into sticking to your training plan.

3. What did you eat today? Did you have a hamburger for lunch? Or a bagel from the break room when you went to grab your morning coffee? Chances are the answer is yes and if that’s the case… You probably feel like running it off.

4. Go sit outside. Sometimes all you really need to do is pull yourself away from the TV or your iPad and motivation will come to you. Our electronics serve as a great distraction but can be de-motivating at times. Take a break, go get some air, and sit outside for a little bit. After long enough, I bet you will change your mind and decide to hit the streets!

5. Set a timer. I do this in the mornings before I head to the office and it will absolutely work here. Give yourself a certain amount of time to read, check out Facebook, or watch that baseball game, but once the timer goes off…it’s time to run!

6. Run your favorite route. Bribe yourself with an easy, beautiful trail…or try a new path you have been wanting to check out. Anything to coax yourself into hitting the pavement.

7. Download some new music. As I have said many, many times before…I can’t run without music. It is the only way I can make it through 2 miles, let alone 13 or 26! Create a new playlist and rock out on your run. Trust me, it will be awesome!

And last but not least…

8. Think about how much better you will feel when you are done. As the saying goes, “You are only one workout away from a good mood”. It’s true!