How To Survive A Race Cancellation In Jamaica

Just because your race gets canceled doesn't mean you can't enjoy the host city!

After drooling over our Negril, Jamaica, travel feature, I took a trip to Kingston, the capital of the island, for the Kingston City Run in March. Unfortunately, due to an unexpected fire nearby, the health department deemed the air qualify unfit for running. I didn’t exactly travel across the country and down off Florida to sit around because the race was no longer happening—so along with the tour group and Galaxy Leisure and Tours, we turned the trip into a list of things to experience even when your half marathon is bumped. From the Blue Mountains overlooking Kingston, to the north shores of Ocho Rios, to the busy streets of the bustling city of Kingston, there’s plenty of reason to pack a bag and an open mind and travel to the land of juicy fruit, amazing food and music that quite literally seeps into your bones and makes it impossible to not tap along. Want more of the coastal Caribbean experience without the capital city crowds? Montego Bay, “MoBay,” hosts its run in May every year.