How Running Helps Through Hardships

We asked and you answered. See how running has helped readers through hardship.


Running isn’t just about keeping your body fit—it can also help you emotionally, as well, especially in tough times. We asked our readers:
Has running ever helped you through a tough time?

Running has shown me just how strong and capable I am. I now face many challenges with more determination than fear.—Erika

The universal cliché—a break up, wa-wa!—Amy

Running has helped me through a lot. From an abusive relationship that caused anxiety to my little brother being paralyzed in an accident, running has been and always will be a form of healing. I tend to dedicate my runs to the battle I am facing.—Brandi

Running was my slimy, green, overcooked vegetable when I was in the Navy. Now it is on my terms, and it is fueled by stress, which I happily burn off.—Joelle

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