How One Adorable Book Gets Kids Into Running

Find out how one curious girl bounces between sports to find her one true love.

children's book

Published with permission from author Cassie Celestain of Running is Totally for Me

In case you’re looking for the best baby shower gift, Christmas present, birthday goodie or any other excuse to give a child a book to read, this one is perfect. Here’s a quick preview of a long book poem about one child finding her love of running through various sports.

To Madi none of the sports seemed to fit just right.
Then she had a thought that made her smile bright.

Wind on her face and the warmth of the sun.
What if she could move forward and just run?

Not wanting to wait longer, she gave it a go.
She pushed herself forward with a smooth flow.

Her arms swung by her side as her feet touched the ground.
Without a doubt this is the sport she had found!