How Our April Cover With Nadia Aboulhosn Came To Life

Fashion designer. Model. Blogger. Now a cover runner. Is there anything Nadia Aboulhosn can't do?


april 2016 cover runner

Fly Girl
Fashion designer/model/blogger/tastemaker/rule breaker Nadia Aboulhosn is a force of nature. After Women’s Running selected the Los Angeles–based runner as one of our fitness style-influencers, we knew we needed to feature her front and center. Our team headed to LA for an all-day shoot with photographer Alain Mitchell and assistant Renee Wymer, starting at Stash Studios and wrapping at sunset in one of the most iconic outdoor spots in the city.


football team

Red Zone
Today, Nadia’s go-to workouts are running and circuit training. But back in the day, she was the only girl on her high school’s football team. “I used to be able to bench press a crazy amount,” she remembers. “The coach liked to joke with the guys when I would beat them in practice.”

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Grease Lightning
Since Nadia lives and runs in Los Angeles, we headed to the LA River to give the shoot an urban feel. The cement culvert has been featured in famous scenes (think the car race in Grease). Normally bone-dry, the canal was flowing with a steady trickle of water thanks to recent rainfall. Nadia gamely splashed through puddles alongside a raft of mallard ducks!


Simple Style
Known for a stripped-down look, Nadia says, “Too much makeup makes me feel like not myself.” Hair-and-makeup artist Aaron Paul kept it simple for our shoot, tying the fashion designer’s hair back into a messy ponytail. Nadia suggested switching to double braids—but the light was too beautiful on set to change her hair midway through!


Kick It Good
Nadia says, “I used to be a huge sneaker-head when I was a teenager, and my love for sneakers never really went away.” Just in case  WR’s shoe game wasn’t quite as correct, she brought a bag of her own custom pairs to the shoot—these are all from Nadia’s closet!

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