It’s Hot AF At USA Championships And People Are Tweeting About It

Here are some of the greatest tweets we've seen on the subject.

It’s no secret that the temperatures were and are blazing at the USATF Outdoor Championships in Sacramento. Everyone has been talking about it, sharing precautionary advice, making jokes about the triple-digit temps and showing behind-the-scenes photos of how athletes are handling it. Here are just a few of the tweets we saw over the course of last night. And for handling the heat, there are some safety tips here and here.


Literally everyone is talking about the weather—good one, Des.

Well played, sir—adding to your repetoire of excellent sarcasm on Twitter!

Well damn—that’s melting.


Haven’t you heard?

Very funny…we were actually shocked at the lack of steeplechase ‘let’s take a swim’ comments.

Thanks for the head’s up, mom!

You run like badasses because of them!