Hot Picks for Summer Running Gear

This gear will keep you cool on the hottest of summer running days.


Ahhhhh, summer. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I’m sweating profusely. Summer running is a challenge for me because I’m a pretty heavy sweater, so I need my gear to hold up against that humid morning (and afternoon, and evening) air. This definitely is not my favorite running season, but thanks to this great summer running gear, I’m a lot more comfortable than I would be otherwise.

Nike Dri-Fit Cool Strappy Tank: I’ve been a big fan of the Nike Breeze line for a while now, but I love the new strappy tanks. The straps add an element of style that was previously missing from the tanks, plus you get the lightest possible material to keep you covered, yet cool. I can’t live without these in the summer!

Qore Performance Compression Shorts: I started wearing Qore Performance shorts last year and they saved my life on many a summer long run! They not only work as compression shorts to prevent the dreaded thigh chafing that plagues so many of us on sweaty summer runs, but they also have a cooling system that allows you to place the included ice packs in slots within the shorts to cool circulating blood. Give them a try— you won’t regret it!

Moving Comfort Fine Form Sports Bra: If you’re looking for a sports bra that looks cute, feels great, and is supportive without being hot, the Moving Comfort Fine Form sports bra is perfect! I wear mine to run, go to barre class, and even ride my bike.

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Headsweats Loudmouth Supervisors: My favorite headwear company has come out with some really fun, brightly colored patterns as part of their Loudmouth collection. I’m obsessed! The visors and hats are lightweight, great for absorbing sweat, and super stylish. I wear mine every time I run!

Balega Hidden Comfort Socks: Moisture-wicking technical fabrics are SO necessary in the summer! I love these socks because they have some extra cushioning but aren’t hot. I’ve never gotten a single blister while wearing these! They also come in lots of fun colors if you feel like making your feet a fashion statement.

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