Holiday Gift Guide: Zen Runner

She’s in the yoga studio as often as she’s meditating through mileage, so this runner deserves some goodies to help her bliss out.

Yogi and runner Kayla ring pierced our hearts with this recycled-paper lined journal for recording dreams, goals and whatever speaks to our souls. $18,

This massager has so many different attachments, it will relieve just about any tightness, muscle spasm or leg cramp without the pain of a hard foam roller. $120,

With an insole that flips over, there’s a choice between massaging pods or comfy foam underfoot. $65,

The inspirational towel will rest atop her yoga mat and keep her mind focused. $32,

This candle melts into a soothing balm to use as a massage oil or moisturizer. Enjoy the two scents: jasmine and ylang ylang or grapefruit, tangerine and rhubarb. $39,

These crystals just stir into hot water and there’s no mess with a tea bag—perfect for traveling or anytime. $30,

Kelly Lyro is a runner and an expert in essential oils, so she has recipes for everything from treating calf cramps to clearing sinuses. This diffuser (which comes with all kinds of goodies included) is a beautiful way to start. $260 with free membership,