Holiday Gift Guide: Run Club Groupie

Whether it’s the November Project or the local track club, this lady knows about strength in numbers.

This may look like the most amazing sweater combo ever, but it’s the annual holiday wicking outfit from this fun brand. Every jingle bell runner wants it! $70 and 85,

She can wear it in her hair or put it on her wrist, water bottle or phone. $15,

Something to protect her car seat from her sweat is a must. Two will come in handy when she’s in charge of the carpool. $48,

Not only are these perfect for sharing with run buddies, they are made with tart cherries, which have been scientifically proven to aid in recovery. $8,

Is there anything more relaxing than changing into a breathable, comfy slide post-race? Include some cozy, colorful toe socks if she lives in a colder clime. $65,

This stocking stuffer will quickly greet an iron. With it properly secured on her running jacket or workout bag, she’ll feel your virtual support every day. $6,

Low-profile styling makes this fit better than some truckers, and a plush interior sweatband makes it ideal for flying (aka running). $29,