Holiday Gift Guide: Daily Instagrammer

Here are some worthy ideas to make her holidays a bit more picture-perfect.

The price point and the rad frame colors make these a snazzy fit for those ’grams in the sun. $25,

Is it a flashy accessory or a fitness tracker? Hint: It’s both with interchangeable band colors and a sleek screen that ups the game of any wrist pic. $150,

Add this vibrating foam roller to her repertoire of #runspiration recovery tools. $199,

These compression sleeves are like little hugs that make tired calves smile bright for the camera. $30,

Coconut oil? Organic green tea? The ingredients of this bath bar are as good as its unique look, perfect for a coal-in-mystocking photo opp. $24,

That spherical content-capture feature from a bird’s-eye view is stealing the show on Instagram—great for flaunting that gorgeous trail run. $5,000,

This comfy top is the definition of Olympic squad goals. $44,

Let’s face it, sometimes you really want to put on cozy leggings that have a little cotton in them. These leggings are so nice and soft, and the pattern infuses a little fun, whether for running, yoga or wearing with a comfy sweater and some boots. Plus look at that price! $28,