Holiday Gift Guide: Cat Lover

For the running buddy who loves felines, these gifts are quirkily purrfect.

For when she’s feeling as sleepy as her felines, this light pullover is ideal for cat-on-the-lap couch time. $28,

She will go wild for wearing this at her next race. It slips on over regular bottoms and has a built-in way to secure a race bib. $30,

She’ll be a cat magnet with this flying around her neck. $88,

These colorful cat-eye sunglasses are so light, they work great for a run. $290,

Just like having two more cats on the bed, but they don’t take up space or wake anyone up at first light to be fed. $36-44,

She’s owning that moniker, so why not go all in? $58,

The catty flavor to this print will bring out the animal in her workouts. $17,

Fourteen servings of seafood, including salmon, sablefish, haddock, cod, scallops and shrimp, =because her cats will like the smell as much as she likes the taste and healthy protein! $92,