Heckling Southern Band At Half Marathon Goes Viral

If you love original on-course entertainment, this roadside band in Tennessee is definitely the southern charm every race needs!

 For those runners who enjoy a good back-country scene that involves rusty trucks, banjos and thick southern accents, sign up for the 2016 Franklin Half Marathon.

According to a story in The Tennessean, locals April and Red Duck Cantrell, along with some heckling friends set up camp along the race course and, complete with sounds of a snorting pig, illustrated a scene from 1972’s “Deliverance,” which could only be described as “epic” on the race organizer’s Facebook page.

“The first runners came through and they were looking at us like, ‘We’re not sure about you, but the music seems pretty good,’ and as the race went on, the runners stopped and took pictures,” said April of the clip that she shot, which has been view more than 1 million times on Facebook.

As if the roadside show and heckling—”What’s your hurry?” and “What’re y’all runnin’ from?” were among the questions shouted at confused runners—one member of the group decided to run too…in his overalls.

The race organizers seemed amused by the crew and even published a hilarious recap of the events on their race site, which included photos of runners taking photos with the now-famous race entertainment.

We had all stayed up drinking moonshine all night and next thing you know a bunch of people in tight shorts started running by,” said Red Duck, leader of the Bailey School Pickers, which is the name of the group.

The group knew one thing about running—they offered water to passing runners!