10 Reasons Hanging Out With Non-Runners Is Amazing

It's easy to constantly surround yourself with runners, but here are a few key reasons you shouldn't forget your non-runner friends.

Since a lot of runners are constantly surrounded by other runners, our perspective can be slightly skewed when it comes to what regular people do. When you start thinking 6-mile runs are “short” and French fries are a treat you allow yourself once or twice a month, being with a group of “normal” women can make you feel like a superhero.

Do yourself a favor and hang out with non-runners as much as possible for these reasons.

  1. They think anyone who runs and doesn’t hate it has super powers.
  2. They greatly admire the fact you actually use your fashionable sneakers for something more than standing on the sidelines at your kid’s game.
  3. They are shocked you actually do all the things on your Instagram feed. Every day.
  4. If you tell them you ran 10 miles they may think you ran a marathon. No one ever knows the exact distance and some think it varies from race to race.
  5. They don’t know anything about pacing and are overly impressed with any kind of mileage, even if it took you half the day to complete it. Maybe especially if it took that long.
  6. They think you win every race. Let them.
  7. They have no idea how “quick” and “5-miler” can co-exist in a sentence, nevermind actually be executed.
  8. They don’t want to talk about running. At all. Schedule a meet up when you don’t want to either.
  9. They will go to brunch without running a single step.
  10. They can become your biggest supporters, cheerleaders and child watchers. You need them in your life!