5 Reasons You’ll Love The Half Marathon

Our Marathon Maniac shares why she can't get enough of 13.1 miles.

half marathon

Before our Marathon Maniac grew into her nickname, she was your average runner looking to sweat for emotional salvation. But then one finish line—at a half marathon—changed her life. Below, she shared why the distance is the best.

The options. There are a ton of half marathons, and new events are popping up all the time, so you’re likely to find a great race in your area.

The crowds. The half marathon is the fastest growing race distance, so someone you know probably runs half marathons or wants to.

The food. In events where there are both 13.1 and 26.2 options, half-marathoners are pretty much guaranteed a huge spread of food no matter what their finish times. Marathoners are often not so lucky!

The swag. Half marathon medals are getting bigger and more elaborate as more people participate. Some of my favorite medals are from half marathons!

The challenge. Halfs are something to be proud of. Thirteen-plus miles is no joke, no matter what your speed.

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