If You Give A Mom A Pair Of Running Shoes

Magic happens when we slip on our running shoes.


If you give a mom a pair of running shoes…
She may just fly past the heaps of laundry and run out the front door
In those first couple of miles, she may think of everything she “should” be doing instead of running
She’ll think of the dinner that needs to be made
The homework that has yet to be reviewed
The work presentation that isn’t writing itself
The school project that’s due in two days
The marker stains she forgot to wipe off the door
The field trip permission slips she hasn’t filled
The thank you cards waiting to be written
The meeting with her work colleagues that she needs to organize
The plumber and electrician she has to schedule in her spare time
And when was that last pap smear and mammogram

If you give a mom a pair of running shoes…
She may just bypass the grocery shopping and run out the front door
After those first couple of miles, the endorphins will kick in
She’ll dream about the books she wants to read
The kickboxing class she’s been itching to try<
The writing workshop she wants to take
The volunteer trip to Guatemala she wishes she could organize
The girlfriends retreat she’d love to plan
The meditation seminar she’s curious about attending
The political rally she’d like to get involved in
And maybe she should learn Italian just because

If you give a mom a pair of running shoes…
She may just skip making dinner and run out the front door<
By the end of her run, she’ll know that she can’t do everything on list A or list B
But she’ll feel invincible
And she’ll come back ready to truly engage with her children, serving them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner, but primed to tackle the world.

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