One Fitness Competitor Has People Talking About The Scale

One UK fitness blogger is getting real and showing that the number on the scale can fluctuate wildly—even just in one day.

In case you are fixated by the number popping up on your scale, one fitness blogger, Lauren Tickner, from the UK is setting the record straight—the number can fluctuate wildly—even just between morning and night.

To prove her point, she posted a photo on her fitness Instagram account that offers a side-by-side look at her body in the morning and again later that night.

Lauren Tickner

She gained 12 pounds—IN ONE DAY.

The scale fluctuates and you can get a higher number based on so many factors—your clothes, whether or not you’re hydrated and even just between morning and night. If you just can’t stop yourself from stepping on the scale, Tickner said in her post: “You should only weigh yourself first thing in the morning, NAKED, after you’ve [gone to the bathroom]! And make sure it is at the exact same time every single time you weigh, as even an hour difference can sway the result dramatically.”

In this photo, she simply had eaten her daily meals and hydrated properly—there was no ‘bingeing’ or overeating—she simply was taking care of her body in a healthy way.

She adds, “My body looks so different BECAUSE I now have this water weight and food inside me! I am EATING and DRINKING to fuel my body! Just because I weigh 12 pounds more now, does not mean I have gained 12 pounds of fat! I will wake up tomorrow morning looking EXACTLY how I look on the left.”

Six weeks ago she shared a similar photo—the difference between how she looks when she gets ready for bed and how she looks when she wakes up.

Lauren Tickner 2

This is a great reminder that the scale doesn’t just weigh fat. It weighs all of the matter inside of you, everything you drink and more! So ditch the scale (or if you can’t help yourself—only weigh yourself in the morning).