Fitbit Shows Running And Napping Increase On Thanksgiving

Fitbit looked back at user data from 2015 and revealed some interesting findings about our habits on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Sacramento’s Thanksgiving Day Run To Feed The Hungry. (Karin Hildebrand Lau /

Fitbit has analyzed data of one million users from 2015 and uncovered some interesting insights about our activities during the holiday season. The most surprising both come from Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Running Increases 50 Percent On Thanksiving…

Thought Turkey Day was reserved for watching football and eating too much pie? Think again. Double the amount of Fitbit users were running on Thanksgiving compared to an average day. They also ran nearly 20 percent further and started running 2.5 hours earlier. Why? People are participating in more Turkey Trots, which has cemented Thanksgiving as one of the most popular days for road races. Users ran 3.5 miles on average on Thanksgiving, a 17 percent increase from an average day.

…But So Does Napping.

Napping increases by 45 percent on Thanksgiving compared to an average day. That number jumps even higher on Black Friday, where there is a 61 percent increase in napping.

Americans Are Sleeping In After Turkey Day

Is Black Friday dying? Americans sleep in nearly an hour longer the day after Thanksgiving. Users slept in 50.6 minutes later on Black Friday, got 17.2 more minutes of sleep and napped 61 percent more compared to an average day. Steps decreased by 8 percent, too. Last year’s Cyber Monday broke the Black Friday sales record, with $3.07 billion in online sales. This data indicates consumers are skipping the lines and opting for online deals instead. Users are still getting up (relatively) early on Black Friday, however, as the average wake-up time was 7:30 a.m.; 50.6 minutes later than an average day.