8 Facts (And Adorable Photos) About Running With Dogs

It’s a dog’s world and we’re just running in we rounded up some statistics for those of you who run with your dog (or want to).

It’s a dog’s world and we’re just running in it…

Wandering Wolves


100K…how far wolves may travel in a day when they are on the hunt

Top Dogs


When it comes to running with your furry friend, WR readers shared their top dogs…
1. Labs (paws above the rest)
2. German shepherds
3. Spaniels
4. Collies

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Happy Humans

running dog

20% of Americans say they are happiest when running with their dog

More Movement

dog and owner

34%…the increased likelihood that dog owners will log at least 150 minutes of cardio per week, as compared to those who don’t have dogs

Fido And Friends

women and dogs

28% vs. 4%
You get faster when you run with friends! But the first stat is your increase in speed when running with Fido and the second is with a human pal.

Running Restraint

puppies running

1–2 years…how old a dog should be before embarking upon rigorous physical activity. The goal is to wait until growth plates are closed.

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Gazelle-Like Greyhounds


45 mph…how fast greyhounds, known to be the speediest dog breed, have been recorded running

Best Buddy

runners and dog

Zero…the number of times your four-legged friend will complain about the weather on your run