Everyone Is Freaking Out About This Powerful “Body Image” Video

The video went viral on Facebook, serving as a visual demonstration of what unhealthy body image can do to a person.

Body Image by Jody Steel – A Timelapse DrawingMusic by Kylaido

Posted by Jody Steel on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Talk about a powerfully relevant video. Artist Jody Steel is generating a ton of buzz for her timelapse video that literally illustrates, with marker to stomach, what distorted body image looks like and probably feels like. The video shows her drawing a tightly coiled stomach, making it small enough to fit the “ideal” body type (old-school Barbie, anyone?)

The video was posted on March 8 and has been shared closed to one million times on Facebook, viewed nearly 100 million times! In a comment, the artist herself shares:

I appreciate all of the kind words!

There have been times I’ve look in a mirror and wished for a perfect figure. No matter how much I went to the gym or how little I ate carbs and sugar, I still didn’t see what I imagined was perfect. Once I realized that naturally, I don’t have a coke bottle figure, or long and thin legs, I began to let go of the pressures I’ve felt to fulfill an image that our society has deemed the pinnacle of beauty. I like to adventure and I love to try new foods—especially if they’re spicy. So let go of your demons and learn to enjoy the things you love in life. You can be healthy and happy. I’ve had this idea for a long time and I’m glad I finally did it!

Her comment gathered close to 6,000 likes.

Watch the video on her site here.