Eat Pray Run DC: When Did You Fall In Love With Running?

Courtney shares how afternoons in the park with her dad made her love the sport of running.

Courtney's dad running with her at a race two summers ago.
Courtney’s dad running with her at a race two summers ago.

When did you first fall in love with running? I fell in love with running as a kid hanging out with my dad. When I was young, my dad was a dedicated runner. He was much faster than I’ll ever be. I have so many memories of him going out for runs.

I fell in love with running on Sunday afternoons with my dad. We would go to the park and he would run. Because I wasn’t fast enough to even keep him in sight on foot, I would ride my bike. We’d go through the entire park. I just loved it. You might think that it’s weird that an experience where I wasn’t even running made me fall in love with the sport. But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. When I was biking my little heart out trying to keep up with my dad, I was watching him do something he loved. As a huge daddy’s girl, this made a major impression on me. Watching my dad run made me want to run and it made me love running.

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As I grew up, I stopped wanting to hang out with either of my parents (but especially my dad – he just didn’t get it!) but I did keep running. When I joined the track team, my dad constantly asked me if I wanted to run with him or work out with him. I said no every single time. I was too busy. He wasn’t cool enough. I was an angry teenager, and spending any more time than necessary with my parents was not my idea of fun. Goodness, I was stupid. Now my dad has hung up his running shoes in favor of more knee friendly activities. I’m still holding out hope that one day I’ll get to race with the man who made me love running.

I recently was participating in a Twitter chat about (what else) running and the moderator asked what you do when you get bored with running. I didn’t have an answer because I don’t get bored with running. That’s not to say I always love waking up and running (I don’t) or that I don’t ever have bad runs (I most certainly do) but running never bores me. There’s always something new to learn or somewhere new to run. And that is part of the reason I still love running to this day.

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