Don’t Feel Bad For This Runner Who Finished An Hour Late

This runner can teach us all what it means to really go the distance.

Photo via WTVR-TV Richmond
Photo via WTVR-TV Richmond

The Anthem Richmond Marathon is known as ‘America’s friendliest marathon’ and it certainly lived up to its title this past weekend.

WTVR Richmond recently shared the inspirational story of runner Nikkia Young, who at 24 was running her first full marathon this past Saturday in Richmond. And even though she did not officially finish—she missed the seven-hour cutoff—she still had her support team at the finish line including friends and teammates who finished earlier.

“That’s the best part about running in Richmond. There’s a whole diverse group of people. Some people walk, some people run. But as long as you’re moving forward, it really doesn’t matter. Just keep moving forward until you’re finished,” Young said.

Young didn’t run into trouble until mile 15 of the race, but serves as inspiration to never give up on yourself.

“You know you want to finish, but then when other people are so excited to see your success, that’s really what the Richmond running community is all about,” Young said. “I could not let them down. I knew I could not let myself down.”

She finished the race in 8 hours and 6 minutes and is already training for her next race.

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