“Do-Nothing Bitch” Is Not Just A Shocking Slogan

There's now a shirt for that—and it's seriously getting popular.

Photo: Instagram/@rondarousey
Photo: Instagram/@rondarousey

Perhaps you’ve heard of Ronda Rousey. She’s that badass UFC fighter, recently winning the “Best Fighter” ESPY over Floyd Mayweather, that’s been making headlines for being awesome, strong…and “masculine.” Cris Cyborg, a Brazilian fighter, and Rousey are also causing a social media swirl with teases of fighting each other, creating a deja vu effect back to the Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown. (Personally, we would rather see Rousey actually get Mayweather into the octagon for a “no rules fight”…and have her win.)

But one of the more inspiring things that’s happened is Rousey’s response to those comments regarding her physique. In a video, the fighter says, “I’m just like, listen, just because my body was developed for a purpose other than ****ing millionaires doesn’t mean it’s masculine. I think it’s femininely badass as ****. Because there’s not a single muscle on my body that isn’t for a purpose. Because I’m not a do-nothing bitch.”

#DNB (do-nothing bitch) was immediately trending on Twitter, and there’s now a shirt for that. Emblazoned across the front, “Don’t be a D.N.B.” is a message for women to own their bodies and lives for themselves; don’t let society define either of those for you. The shirts sell for $25 and benefit Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services.

While people are split on the offensive/not offensive issue, this type of attitude can translate to the run:

1. If you don’t do the training, you won’t score the PR. So do something [insert preferred word here].

2. If you don’t properly recover, you won’t appropriately reap the benefits of hard work. So, actually, do nothing [insert preferred word here].

3. If you don’t believe in your abilities, you will doubt your potential. You can do everything, [insert preferred word here].