How To Deal With Your Social Media Junkie Run Bud

No, I didn't see your photos from your run this morning.

social media

Q: My friend posts about her training on Facebook every single day—it floods my feed. My original solution was to block her posts, but she keeps asking me if I’ve seen her photos. What should I say?

You can very simply tell her no, you missed them. There is nothing wrong with doing that. After it happens a few times, your friend will either stop asking or she will press. Remember that how you choose to participate on social media is completely up to you. I don’t participate socially a whole lot on Facebook and I have a few friends who (even after two years of very little presence on the site) still say things like “Didn’t you see it? I posted it to Facebook,” and I still have to reply with, “Yeah, I’m rarely on so I don’t catch much.” You may feel like a broken record, but in time your friend will understand. Now, you do have the option (even if you’ve blocked her posts) to go to her page and look at a few photos in your own time and comment on them if you wish. This might be a way to keep her from constantly asking you about it, but also not reopen your feed to her over-posting habits.

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