Cover Runner Sarah Attar Will Race In The Olympic Marathon

She ran in the Olympics in 2012, but now she will be doing a much longer race.

(AP Photo/Martin Meissner, File)

Our October 2015 cover runner Sarah Attar will be one of four Saudi women who will be competing in the Olympic Marathon in Rio.

This is huge news, as the Indian Express reports that the Saudi Olympic Committee did not even name the women who will represent the country, due to the strict gender divisions there. Attar and the other runners were invited by the International Olympic Committee to participate in the marathon.

The article stated, “Taking part in sport is not easy for Saudi women and finding women to go to the London Olympics was a challenge. Someone knew of the half-Saudi girl in California who liked running and so an invitation was made.”

It is also reported that Saudi Arabia would like to host the Olympics someday, but only if they can hold the women’s events in neighboring Bahrain.

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