Controversy amid Gabe Grunewald’s DQ at Indoor Champs

Did Grunewald deserve to be disqualified? Read about the 3K controversy and share your opinion.

Photo courtesy of Andrew McClanahan@PhotoRun
Photo courtesy of Andrew McClanahan@PhotoRun

Amid many spectacular performances at this weekend’s USATF Indoor Track and Field Championships, there was controversy.  Brooks-sponsored athlete for Team USA Minnesota and two-time cancer survivor, Gabe Grunewald, won the women’s 3,000 on Saturday with a blistering last lap kick. Despite concern by an official regarding Grunewald clipping the shoe of  Jordan Hasay, who is coached on the Nike Oregon Project by Alberto Salazar, it was determined that there was not enough contact to rule for disqualification. Two appeals filed by Salazar were subsequently denied. Grunewald was ruled the 3K champion.

However the case was re-opened twenty minutes later and ruled in favor of Salazar, disqualifying Grunewald from the race.  USATF claimed to review “additional photo evidence” in the last appeal. Because of the disqualification, Grunewald has not been named to the world team for the 3K, which takes place in two weeks in Poland. Instead second place finisher, Shannon Rowbury (also coached by Salazar) and Hasay would be the next to be named to the world team.

Many track and field athletes have been vocal about their dismay over the decision. Following the end of the women’s 1500, many of the competitors held hands while walking off the track in a show of solidarity to Grunewald. On Sunday, Grunewald tweeted  “Overwhelmed by the support of my fellow athletes today. Thank you to those of you who stand up for what is right. “ has a very detailed account of the controversy, written by Jon Gugala. You can also watch the video of the race. Starting at the 9:55 minute mark is where the contact occurs.

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UPDATE: USATF has reinstated Gabe Grunewald as 3K champion! Jordan Hasay has also withdrew her protest to make the national team.