10 Concierge Services That Need To Exist For Runners

Runners have busy and demanding schedules, so we think these concierge services should be created immediately to make our lives easier.


Runners are busy people. Between the everyday craziness of balancing work, family and a social life, we also have to carve out time for several runs and a few cross-training sessions every week. That doesn’t leave time for much else, especially not mundane tasks like chores.

What we really need is a selection of concierge services—businesses that would cater to a runner’s specific needs on demand. In a perfect world (if money was no object, of course), these are the concierge services that should totally exist for runners.

  1. A one-hour laundry service that would pick up all your dirty workout clothes and wash, dry and return them to you within one hour of you wanting to work out but realizing you don’t have any clean clothes.
  2. An on-call manicurist who makes emergency house calls when you have to wear open-toed shoes but haven’t been paying attention to just how ugly your feet have gotten.
  3. A caddy for runners—someone who will run alongside you, carry your water bottle, cue up your playlist, wipe the sweat off your forehead and offer you moral support when you want to quit.
  4. A smoothie company who will send someone to your house once a week to make up smoothie bags for your freezer after a complimentary meeting to go over your favorite flavors, nutritional needs and workout goals.
  5. A personal shoe specialist who will come to your house for an initial gait and running routine analysis plus a shoe fitting, followed by regular visits (to be determined by your estimated mileage) a week before you’re due for new shoes to reassess your needs and bring you a selection of options for your next pair.
  6. A coaching company that will create all your workouts, have a trainer come to your home for personal cross-training sessions, schedule twice weekly massages and—for an extra fee—send a hypnotist to your home the night before a race to make sure you get a good night’s sleep.
  7. A babysitting service that will either come watch your kids when you want to run solo or, if you want to take your kids, run with you and be ready to take over stroller pushing when you get tired.
  8. A full-service food company with an on-staff nutritionist to plan out your healthy meals, a team of shoppers to browse all local grocery stores for the freshest and cheapest ingredients, and a personal chef to prepare all your meals.
  9. A beverage subscription service that sends you a month’s supply off all the drinks you need—coffee or energy drinks for pre-run, sports or recovery drinks for post-run, and tea or milk to relax you for a good night’s sleep.
  10. A personal shopper who will buy all your workout clothes for you, coordinate them into outfits, and lay them out in your closet according to the workouts you have scheduled for the week.