Coach Weighs In About Sightseeing Ahead Of A Big Race

If you are traveling to a new city for a race, here is how to stay off of your feet while still seeing the sights.


NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training! 

Q: I’m traveling to a race and the only time I’ll have to sightsee is the two days before. Is there anything I can do to make it easier on my legs but still see everything?

One of the best parts about traveling to a race is getting to experience a new city, so take advantage of it! Opt to participate in sightseeing opportunities that keep you off of your feet—think: boat or bus tours—and drive or jump in a cab when going to your next destination.

If walking around is unavoidable, then be sure to stretch and take an ice bath in the hotel bathtub each night before your race to lessen the fatigue and soreness your legs may feel.

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