Why Chamonix Is Rising To The Top Of The Runner Bucket List

High in the mountains, adventure-seekers flock to this city in France for all sorts of outdoor activities.

Chamonix, France, and its high-alpine environs are a haven for sports. Adventure-seekers flock to the mountains to ski, mountaineer, climb, paraglide—and run, of course! Home to more than 300 miles of stunning trails and iconic off-road races such as the Marathon du Mont Blanc and ASICS Beat the Sun, the town has declared itself the Trail Valley (Vallée du Trail).


That’s good news for runners, since there’s now a website ( and app. Stateside runners can do more than dream about a gondola ride to run through sheep-specked valleys—like locals, they can find the latest trail conditions and suggested routes.

Even though this picture was snapped on a perfect bluebird day, conditions in the mountains can turn on a euro. Trail-seekers must always be prepared with water, food, sunscreen, a rain jacket and a phone. A wallet comes in handy too—there are charming cafés in those mountains!