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Carry-On Essentials From Triathlete Magazine’s Julia Beeson Polloreno

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Whether you’re flying near or far, the contents of your carry-on sure do say a lot about you and your travel persona. Wellwellwell caught up with Triathlete Editor-in-Chief Julia Beeson Polloreno to learn more about her packing habits. The avid traveler, mother, editor and—no surprise here—fitness enthusiast, spills all (literally!) below. But first, a quick-fire round of questions:

Light packer or everything but the kitchen sink?
“I try to avoid checking a bag at all costs, so unless I’m traveling for a triathlon, I keep it on the lighter side.”

Airport outfit of choice?
“My plane uniform: tights, loose-fitting top, cashmere sweater (blanket-soft), scarf and easy-off flats.”

Carry-on bag of choice?
Patagonia waterproof Black Hole duffel in black.”

How do you entertain yourself while waiting to board?
“I definitely do a scan of the email and Instagram feed, as well as check in with my husband and two kids.”

Favorite city in U.S. to visit?
“Lanai City, Hawaii. It’s old Hawaii, with minimal development and wide open prairies and misty forests. And it’s a popular playground for spinner dolphins.”

Have any travel secrets to share?
“I think just having the right mindset when you travel is important. Business travel, for example: Instead of seeing it as a hassle or inconvenience, try to see it as an opportunity to decompress and unplug a bit. I will also often use that time to clean out my inbox and just clear the mental clutter.”

So now that we know your travel tricks, what’s in your bag?

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
“The current read for my girls’ night book club!”

Stack of magazines
“Everything from Esquire to Bicycling to Fast Company. Airplane time offers a chance to unplug and see what’s happening in other pockets of the newsstand.”

Wonderland sunglasses
“Because they’re big enough to hide behind after long flights.”

Harmony Bars
“Whole-food energy bars dreamed up by a pro cyclist, they are so indulgent and satisfying, unlike a lot of ‘rabbit-food’ counterpart bars. And they are definitely healthier than salty airplane snacks.  My fave is the White Chocolate, Coconut Almond flavor.”

Thierry Mugler Angel perfume
“I’ve worn this scent for years, and always have people stopping me on the street (and on planes!) to ask what I’m wearing.”

Skratch Rescue Hydration mix
“I pour a single-serve packet into 16 ounces of water for a super hydrating elixir that tastes good, is all natural and helps counter the dehydrating effects of hanging out at 30,000 feet for an extended period of time.”

“Music is a must and the band Bronze Radio Return is a new steady in the ear buds.”

Vim & Vigr compression socks
“Flying, especially after doing a big run/workout/race, is made much more comfortable (and safer) with compression socks. Vim & Vigr company makes the most stylish compression socks I’ve ever come across.”

EO hand sanitizer wipes in lavender
“Let’s face it, that air capsule is pretty much a petrie dish. I like to (discretely) wipe down my seat area/tray to reduce the chances of catching something. The lavender aroma is a pleasant, calming bonus.”

OenoBeauty lip gloss in Bellini
“Moisture-rich, high-antioxidant gloss with a hint of color.”

GoPro Hero camera
“I can capture video or an interview whenever the opportunity strikes. The video quality is seriously impressive, especially considering the tiny camera body.”

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