Burglary Suspect Tried To Blend In With Half Marathoners

This burglary suspect tried to use a half marathon to run from the police.

It is not unusual to see police officers lining the streets of a half marathon as they assist in traffic control. It is a bit unusual, however, to see an arrest.

Runners in the Red Carpet Half Marathon in Georgia saw just that this past Saturday, according to local Dalton NBC station WRCB-TV. A man who was suspected of breaking into homes and shoplifting was spotted near the course, and when he saw police, he decided to run. Right into a group of runners participating in a half marathon.

It is reported that the man attempted to blend into the crowd, but his lack of proper apparel, running shoes and race bib was a bit of a give away, though he did pretend to huff and puff as if he had been running for awhile.

See the report from WRCB-TV: | Chattanooga News, Weather

The police were able to catch him about a half mile after he began running. This may go down as one of the craziest reasons for participating in a half marathon!