She Sliced Her Leg Open And Still Finished The 400M Hurdles

If that's not grit, what is?

Brenna Porter, a track athlete at Brigham Young University, clipped the first hurdle of her 400-meter hurdle race during the NCAA West Regional championships. The collision between the hurdle and her leg resulted in a 7-inch bloody gash. But in true hardcore track runner fashion, Porter got up and finished the one-lap race.

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And although she did not advance to NCAA nationals due to the hard fall, she had some pretty inspiring things to say about the experience. “You just have to be willing to put yourself on the line and just attack it. You can’t be scared,” Porter said after the fact. “It’s the struggle, not the success, that matters.”

But watch the video from BYU for yourself—and warning: the images are very graphic!