Olympian Brenda Martinez’s Instagram Post Will Humble The Hell Out Of You

We hope for an amazing 2017 year!

New Balance-sponsored runner Brenda Martinez hardly had her life to her. She made her gratitude and rocky road to stardom abundantly clear in the most beautiful Instagram caption on a the perfect image. The post comes as part of New Balance’s #MyFutureSelf campaign, where athletes motivate the upcoming versions of themselves in the New Year.

Note to #MyFutureSelf: Never forget where you came from. Never forget where you came from. Remember when your parents chose to buy Christmas presents over paying the electricity bill or when they stayed up all night making tamales to sell so you could travel to youth track meets. Never forget when Coach Carlton and Coach Tierney paid for you to attend XC camp. Remember the day when UC Riverside offered you a scholarship to run and you succeeded by placing 2nd in the 1500m at NCAA, but failed the next year. Recall the day your agent called and said New Balance believed in your potential. Reminisce on the moment Coach Vigil agreed to coach you and all that it took to win a Bronze medal at the World Championships. Remember the tragedy of not making the 800m US team, how it led to the moment where you made your dreams come true; when you became an Olympian. Never forget, your life is indebted to those that helped create the life you have. And when it’s all said and done I hope you can ask yourself: Can you look back at your life and know you did everything possible to help others? To all my followers: What would you tell your future self?

After missing the Olympic team in the 800 meters, her marquee event, Martinez came back at the trials to finish what she almost started by nabbing a spot on the 1,500-meter squad. The posted image mimics the outcome of that historic race, where she collapses in immense pain as teammate Jenny Simpson lets her know she’s made the team.

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What would you tell your future self?