Boston Marathon Memorials are Works in Progress

Officials say the permanent tributes to the victims of the 2013 Boston bombings will likely be complete this summer.

This year the first time that the Boston Marathon will be held on the same date—April 15—as the anniversary of the 2013 bombings on Boylston Street. Although permanent memorials to the victims who died near the finish line that day are under construction, they won’t be finished in time for the race this year, city officials announced March 20.

According to the Associated Press, the monuments being created from bronze, granite, and lighted glass were expected to be complete last year, for the five-year anniversary of the bombings that killed three people and injured 260 others, but the $2 million project has gone through revisions to meet the wishes of the victims’ families.

The granite pillars will be placed at the two locations where the bombs detonated on Boylston Street—one to mark the location where Krystle Campbell, 29, died, and two about 200 meters away, where Martin Richard, 8, and Lingzi Lu, 23, died.

“Having an event like this that is life-changing for many people, all we can offer is our craftsmanship and making sure everything is done to the best we can do,” Pablo Eduardo, the artist, told the AP.

Plans for official remembrance events this year have not yet been announced.