His Bib Number, Zip Code, Shirt Design AND Finish Time All Matched!

How does that happen?!

I bet this guy didn’t expect to be going viral on Reddit when he posted this insanely coincidental sequence of numbers. First, this shirt rocks the zip code of a brewery near his home. Then, his bib number matches that zip code. And THEN…his marathon finish clock time is not only fast, but it’s the exact digits from his zip code, bib number and T-shirt. WTF?!

The results of the United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll DC event show the guy’s name is Billy Covert, a 28-year-old runner from Pennsylvania. He beat his expected finish time of 4 hours and, in addition, has the best photos from the event.

Our money is on he will be appearing on some talk shows in the near future—oh, the joy of the Internet!