What’s The Best Way To Thank A Runner Who Helped You Finish?

Runners are a kind bunch. But how do you thank one who goes above and beyond?


Etiquette expert and runner Lizzie Post knows a thing or two about the rules of the road.

I tripped and fell during a race. Another runner stopped and stayed with me until I was able to get going and then walked me to the next aid station. We exchanged emails. What’s an appropriate thank you for her kindness and adding at least 15 minutes to her race time?

Sending an email expressing your gratitude is a great way to say thank you. In addition, you could think about getting her something small or running-related—maybe you noticed her carrying a certain type of fuel during the race or talked about running gear you both love? If you can’t think of anything specific, flowers always work. Or you could offer to take her out for coffee or lunch.

Truly any gesture that reaches out to say, “I appreciate what you did,” would be kind. Also, remember that while it’s great to recognize that she added 15 minutes to her race time, she did choose to do this. Keep your gratitude focused on how thankful you were for her kindness not how worried you are that her race took longer.

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