15 Best Pieces Of Running Advice I’ve Ever Received

When you start running, everyone wants to give you advice. One runner shares the best pieces of running advice she has received.

running advice

When you have been running since the year 2000, people tend to give you a lot of running advice. Most of it is crap, but some of it is life changing.

Here are my top 15 so far…

“It’s never as bad or as good as it seems in the moment.” This is especially true in the marathon.

“The only thing you really need to go for a run are running shoes.” Obviously you need clothing, but it doesn’t have to be technical gear.

“If the mind can conceive it and believe it, it can achieve it.” It only works if you believe. Try it.

“This too shall pass.” This also works for parenting.

“Try to do your best every single day.” If you focus on being your best every day, you can let go of trying to be better.

“You always feel good when you’re done.” Every.single.time.

“Rest days are just as important as distance, speed or tempo runs (and maybe more).” This philosophy earned me a BQ.

“Never force a run when you’re injured.” Never. Ever. Ever. Nope, not even then.

“Always go to the bathroom again.” Better at home than in the woods.

“Fuel properly.” Find out what that means to you and don’t be afraid to experiment.

“Use body glide generously.” Just when you think there is enough, add a little more.

“Good socks are far more important than they seem.” Trust me, they are worth every penny.

“Always bring extra water…” Just bring it.

“…and fuel.” Ditto.

“The miles pass quicker with a friend.” Something every runner can agree on.

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