Believe I Am Quiz: Are You A Worrier or Warrior?

Find out the story behind everyone's favorite training journal.

Believe Training Journal by Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas

Lo and Ro—aka two-time USA Track & Field 5K champion Lauren Fleshman and 2008 Olympian steeplechaser Roisin McGettigan-Dumas—wanted a way to bring their lessons and notes from years as elite athletes to the rest of the running world. After spending seasons competing around the world and frequently running into each other on the racing circuits, the “sisters in sport” began to collaborate on a training journal geared for the every runner; that is, any runner looking to track progress, gain knowledge, reflect on performance and improve in any or all areas of running.

“A training journal was one of those things I always kept as a teen—it helped me take ownership of my running. I was on this journey with writing in what I did and competing and reflecting on it,” says Ro. “I’ve done this for years and years. I’m into journals anyway, and I thought this would be really cool to make our own one.”

Together, the duo created the first edition, then a second iteration alongside publisher VeloPress. It sold out in a few months; despite living in the age of GPS and importing data into spreadsheets, people still wanted a handwritten token for their travels.

“You don’t need a charger, you don’t need a battery. It’s that tangible thing in your hand where you can see what you’ve done,” explains Ro. “Just a little scribble in there can bring the memories right back.”

The current edition came out last year, complete with a bold red cover with inspirational mantras emblazoned across the front. Inside, runners will find space to record workouts and mileages, as well as breaks to check in with progress and encouraging words from other elite athletes.

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