5 Reasons Being A Morning Person Is Overrated

Everyone wants to be a morning person, but one runner shares why it is totally overrated and you should enjoy a few more minutes of sleep.

morning person

It seems like everyone out there is trying to become a morning person. As someone who wakes up at 5 a.m. every day, I can tell you that it’s not necessarily the best thing in the world, especially as a runner.

Your Body Is Not Immediately Ready To Run

Sure your eyes are open and you may have pulled on the appropriate clothing, but your body is still in bed somewhere beneath the soft, warm covers. Especially as we age, our bodies need time to actually wake up, take in and digest some nutrients, hydrate and warm our muscles up for what we are about to do. Sure, during the summer months it’s advantageous to get up and out to beat the heat but, as a north-easterner, I have the opposite issue nine months out of the year.

You Can’t Shut It Off

It’s definitely great to jump start your day with an early morning run Monday through Friday but, I dare you to sleep late, even when you can! Every weekend and every vacation I inevitably try to will my body into simply staying in bed, not even remaining asleep but just laying comfortably prone, past 7 a.m. It never works.

Your Bedtime Is The Same As A Second Grader

I know because I have two second graders and when my husband travels, I have to fight to stay awake until they mercifully fall asleep. We’re talking 9 p.m. here people. And, when my husband is home, the twins bedtime is usually our only alone time of the week. I can tell you that he doesn’t think it’s cute when I’m snoring on the couch halfway through the latest Walking Dead episode.

It Can Be Lonely

I actually love alone time but not when it comes to running. In my neck of the woods I have nary a friend who can go for a run (or who wants to!) at 5:30 a.m. I’m also always the first one to bed on vacations, at parties, family gatherings…you get the idea. Let’s just say I have a reputation for having a blast, until 10 p.m.

You’re Expected To Be More Productive

Since I’m the first one up, most of the morning responsibilities fall to me. I often hear, “Well, you’re up so you might as well…” Trust me, the end of that sentence never involves things like have another cup of coffee, meditate or write insanely inspiring memoirs in my bullet journal. Just because my eyes are open and body is moving does not mean my brain has caught up yet.

If you’re not a morning person, embrace it!