Behind the Shoot: Tiffani Thiessen

Go behind the scenes of our November/December issue cover shoot with Tiffani Thiessen!

Tiffani Thiessen plays an event planner on the FBI drama “White Collar.” So it was no surprise that despite an early a.m. call time, the actress brought the party to our cover shoot. Just look at that infectious smile. How could we not have fun?

Support System

Famous for her voluptuous form, Tiffany is a firm believer that curves shouldn’t slow you down. When we asked the marathon finisher’s number one tip for women runners, she replied, “A good running bra!” The “big-busted” (her term) actress likes Lululemon Booby Bracer ($88,, which is available up to an E cup.

A.M. Eats

Must-haves for an early morning shoot? Coffee, tea and baked goods of course! While the orange brioche was a crew favorite, Tiffani opted for a fortifying and healthy egg-white breakfast burrito with guacamole and spinach.

Fast Momma

Tiffani normally wears Brooks, but tried New Balance 880v3 ($115, for her run toward the camera. To ensure her fingers didn’t fly open as she ran, a photo assistant recommended an old cross-country coach tip. Tiffani held two quarters gently in each hand to keep her fists closed.

Mane Attraction

Women’s Running photo shoot secret: We position the ponytails slightly off-center so they’ll kick out far enough to be visible while the cover girl runs. Tiffani channeled her “Saved by the Bell” years as her stylist crafted the perfect side pony.

Team Tiffani

There was nothing but love on set for the gorgeous cover girl. Just before heading off to film “While Collar,” she posed for a photo with the team. Clockwise from top left: Krystallynne Gonzalez (holding the light), makeup artist Kim Bower, WR editor in chief Jessie Sebor, Tiffani Thiessen, photographer James Farrell, photo assistant Colby Edwards, hairstylist Michael Dueñas and photo editor Andrew Lawrence.