Behind the Shoot- A.J. Cook

Go behind the scenes of our Jan/Feb cover shoot with Criminal Minds' actress A.J. Cook!

A.J. Cook plays Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer “JJ” Jareau on the intense CBS crime drama “Criminal Minds.” So it’s no surprise that she donned the BodyRock Sport Bry Jetsetter Moto Jacket ($220, like a true undercover diva during the final shots of the day.


Hair stylist Michael Kanyon got a little funky at the end of the day, giving Cook an awesome blow out to add some feminine mystique to a badass secret agent. Cook went straight into character, posing behind fan-blown bangs and photographer Scott Draper’s aviators.


Cook jumped in and out of outfits all afternoon, and she looked fab in everything!  She slipped on a pair of Adidas Adizero Adios 2.0 ($115, to channel her inner sprinter.


After the Pringles and apples disappeared, nearby Berri’s Café delivered food for all. Cook munched on a Caprese salad in between shots.


Cook brought her brother and sister along for the ride—they were a great behind-the-scene crew and perfect cheerleaders. After we wrapped up, they continued their day by visiting Santa Monica!


Cook expressed her wonderful energy even at the end of the day by suggesting a fun jump shot of the whole crew. From left to right: photo assistant Mark Peery, publicist Siri Garber, makeup artist Anthony Merante, A.J. Cook, hair stylist Michael Kanyon, WR Associate Editor Caitlyn Pilkington and photographer Scott Draper.