Behind The Scenes Of Our Holiday Issue Cover Shoot

Check out what gets cover runner Amanda Tice moving.


On a beautiful fall day, we met up with our cover runner Amanda Tice to take some running shots in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, N.Y. A regular traveler, this 31-year-old loves to sightsee and run at the same time. But when she’s home in Santa Monica, Calif., she likes to have an ocean view for at least a few of her miles.

Ask the Cover Runner…

What’s a typical run for you?
I live blocks from the beach. I usually run twice a week, 3 to 4 miles through my neighborhood and along the ocean.

Why do you like to run?
Your body is in motion, but your mind gets this freeness. You get a mental clarity.

What did you think about the different clothes for the photo shoot?
After wearing all of those outfits, I have a completely different conception of activewear. It’s hard to find pieces that can transition. These transition from activewear to hip, cool comfort-wear.

What about the white-and-black Reebok Mesh Criss Cross Bra and Puri-Tsu Legging on the cover?
It looks extremely fashionable but was very comfortable. I really liked that sports bra! I’m a 36D. A bra has to have support. Sometimes I have to wear two.


Do you have any other favorite sports bras?
Glamorise has a sports bra line. They are adjustable in the front, based on how much support, so you can have less for yoga and more for running. I really like Champion—they are really affordable and tend to be fashionable. It’s easy to drop by a Target and find something that is supportive.

What do you usually wear when you run? Having a gorgeous outfit is awesome, but it doesn’t affect how I feel. I tend to wear an old T-shirt and shorts.

Do you have go-to workouts other than running?
I also do Zumba twice a week. It doesn’t have the same effect as running. I have to focus on what my body is doing.


When you aren’t exercising, what do you like to do?
I have two full-time jobs. I’m a plus-size model and an entrepreneur. I founded a coworking space in April in Los Angeles.

Do you have a favorite place you’ve run when traveling?
Alster Lake in Hamburg, Germany. I’ve run there twice.

How long have you been a runner?
When I was younger, I used to be on a track team. As a young adult, you get the most out of the camaraderie. As you get older, it’s hard to schedule a particular time. Now I use those skills on my own. It’s really about getting peace of mind.