Behind The Scenes: Alison Sweeney Cover

Go behind-the-scenes with Biggest Loser and Day of Our Lives star Alison Sweeney at her Women's Running Magazine cover shoot!

On a late spring morning in Los Angeles, Alison Sweeney arrived at Helms Daylight Studio ready to work. With 11 seasons of The Biggest Loser and 20 years playing Sami Brady on Days of Our Lives under her belt, the 36-year-old mom of two is a total pro when it comes to the camera. After changing out of a cotton tank top and jean skirt and into bright, bold running gear, Alison channeled her inner fitness star and started dazzling the crew.


We had shoes in every color on the spectrum. Alison, who normally wears Newton kicks, chose a super-light pair of Brooks. After the shoot, she asked editor Jessie Sebor, “What do you think of running in minimalist shoes? I kind of want to try it.” Jessie’s recommendation: “Go for it, but transition slowly!”


With an 11 a.m. call time, everyone was more than ready to break for lunch halfway through the shoot. The WR team ran out to Bloom Café, an organic eatery nearby, to grab salads and iced tea. Alison’s order? Ahi tuna!


Lululemon and Marmot are Alison’s go-to brands for daily runs, but during our cover shoot she mixed things up, choosing a New Balance tank top and compression shorts from Moving Comfort. Later, she switched into a pink racer back tank from New Balance and Nike capris.


It takes a village! Before the shoot wrapped, our gang gathered together for a group shot. From left: Corina Duran- Rabichuck, makeup artist; Stephanie Diani, photographer; Alison Sweeney; Matthew Holman, hair stylist; Jessie Sebor, WR editor in chief; Erin Douglas, WR art director.


To keep her energy up, Alison requested the Maroon 5 Pandora channel to pump through the studio. Near the end of the shoot, the music mysteriously shut off. After a few minutes of tinkering with the Wi-Fi access, the crew realized that someone had sat on the speaker’s “off” switch! “One More Night” was blasting again in no time.