Be An In-The-Know Runner While Traveling

Find out how On Running is making the world more runner friendly.

Photo: Courtesy Of On Running
Photo: Courtesy Of On Running

Sticking to a workout routine can be a challenge when it feels like all you’re doing is living out of a suitcase and accruing frequent flyer miles. Most hotels now have some sort of fitness center, and they serve their purpose, but not all of them are exactly inspiring. For traveling runners, lacing up and going for a run is a sure way to merge exercise and sightseeing (as well as shake off jet lag, get a healthy dose of Vitamin D and boost energy), but finding an interesting and safe route in a new locale can be a challenge.

Even though you can run almost anywhere, unless you luck into a prime loop or talk to the right person (or consult Strava), preferred running routes are often saved for in-the-know locals. Thankfully, many hotels are beginning to cater to the runners among us. Some offer maps of running routes, while others may partner with full-service health clubs.

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Westin Hotels & Resorts have taken the concept to the next level with their RunWESTIN program. Hotels provide maps of local running routes, arrange group runs led by running “concierges” and offer a gear lending program through New Balance, where guests are able to rent workout apparel and shoes and have it delivered to their room—talk about room service!

The Swiss shoe company On recently partnered with CitizenM hotels in New York, Paris, London and Zurich to provide running maps to hotel guests. With must-see sights along each route and multiple distances to choose from, the maps help travelers get the most out of their visit and workouts. The user-friendly New York maps (above) include distances from 3K to 10K with iconic sights and points of interest highlighted along the route. Being able to combine fitness, culture and history makes for a winning workout in our book! If you look closely, you’ll even see hotel employees sporting On’s!

Next time you’ve had a long travel or workday, and before you lounge in bed with your favorite carry-out—be sure to check with your hotel about fitness options. You may be in for a pleasant surprise!