Are We There Yet?

Do you remember driving somewhere with your parents and thinking that every stop seemed so far away? There’s a reason sitcoms often feature children in the back seat of a car shouting, “Are we there yet?” For many adults, setting a new year’s resolution can evoke the same anxious feelings children display over arriving at a final destination. Whether you’ve decided to start running, set a new PR, lose weight, or follow a specific training plan, the hardest piece of the puzzle can be patiently waiting for results.

Statistics show that the average person only sticks with a New Year’s resolution for 6 weeks before jumping ship. In order to avoid becoming a resolution causality, make sure you take a few minutes to properly create your plan of attack. After all, we’ve all heard the old adage, “Proper planning prevents poor performance.”

While running goals may seem quite simple on paper, achieving them requires thoughtful consideration of the following areas:

  • Finding the right training plan
  • Hydration & nutrition
  • Proper running gear
  • Maintaining motivation
  • Running events & races

Don’t be overwhelmed by this list–you’ve taken the first step by reading our blog. As time moves on, we will cover these topics and more, to help keep you running. For now, our challenge for you is to get out and run. Whether it’s a mile or 50, take time today to move towards your running goals. After all, we don’t often regret a run once it’s complete.

So tell us, what did you do today to run towards your goals?