Allison’s Training: 50 Days to Go

Yesterday was a rest day. The week wan’t very hard, but I enjoyed it all the same.

Today was a 90 minute water run. 80 minutes of the workout was done in the shallow end with lots of lunges, leg lifts, cross-overs, hops — basically enough humorous activities that I was glad I was working out solo. The last 10 minutes was a tempo run in the deep end. Another  water runner was just getting out of the pool and suggested I try her floaties….promise I did not roll my eyes in her presence. I still don’t know the official name for them, but they resemble pieces of swimming noodles (this keeps getting better!) with a slit in the middle for your hands or your feet. They provide enough flotation that no belt is needed. I tried them on my feet. You know how magnets push apart when you try to put two sides of the same charge together? That’s what my feet did with these floaties. Oh my goodness, my legs were everywhere. But, when I finally stopped laughing and focused on my core and keeping my feet below me, I could sense there was potential for the workout. Need to try then on fresh legs.